Hórus Massagens is a unique massage center in Lisbon.

Located in Lisbon’s prime area, near Avenida da Liberdade, this space was designed with the intention of help you to forget the reality and recover the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional balance.

Here you will find your haven where you can relax and take a moment exclusively yours.

In Hórus Massagens we approach the human body according to the holistic concept that sees it as a whole and not in parts.

For us the body is not just a physical element but the union and balance between physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

We give priority to your exclusivity and relaxation, ensuring that you will not be bothered neither will see or hear anyone, having our team at your disposal to make you feel unique.

We provide you the perfect environment so during your massage you can forget everything around and feel, just feel.   We provide you the exclusivity that only a moment for your own requires.

Feel exclusive. Feel confident. Feel happy.



Take time to stop and offer yourself a moment that is exclusively yours!